Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Steampunk Postcolonialist at SDCC!

Yeap, I'll be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, at least for Thursday and Friday! 

Thursday morning I'll be on "The Witty Women of Steampunk" with the incredible Anina Bennet, the super-sweet Kaja Foglio, and the talented Claire Hummel! I have no idea what I'm doing on there among pros, but what the hey. We're on at 11am, in room 5AB, so come join us! I am of course assuming I don't get lost. 

I plan on making myself scarce and hiding out in nearby cafes or hanging out with friends in between panels I might go to, because I don't do well with very large crowds for long periods of time. But I will at least be around for Friday's Steampunk Drinkup at the Hopping Pig starting at 6pm. 

See you there!

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  1. Hey, saw you at the panel, thought you did a pretty bang up job! You brought up a lot of stellar points about the lack of multicultural representation, or the presence of multicultural misrepresentation, in the steampunk community. Anyway, thanks for speaking, super interested in hearing pretty much whatever else you have to say. Cheers!