Monday, August 26, 2013

POC-fronted Steampunk Projects? Say it ain't so!

'Cos that would be unpossible!

Or is it?

I thought Milton Davis' IndieGoGo fundraiser for SteamFUNK movie RITE OF PASSAGE was going to be the only major project featuring POC in any significant way (Black steampunk vampires, people!), but life throws things at one, doesn't it? 

There're only five days left to go, but TINKER could use all the help it can get. I'm currently in Malaysia on holiday so I've not been in a mood to aggressively interrogate people about it, so this is a belated post to tell people about it. 

What's interesting about it is that it's fronted by Filipino/Japanese actors (the Tinkers of the title), and set in SF after a brief stint in HK. There're way too many white people, and maybe too many POC villains, and there're a couple of problematic things I've identified so far in the copy, but it still seems to be a really good range of actual non-white folks given the geography they're covering, plus what looks like a lot of female characters who could actually graduate beyond Sexy Lamp level into Bechdel Test grades. (Granted this is easier to do in a series than in a movie, but even with a series, you know how they are with POC.)

So, check it out, spread the word if you can, and let me know what you think <3 I'm given to understand that writer is interested in dialog to help shape the story, which is cool.

ETA: ALSO! Among the people they have on board for the TINKER soundtrack is Steampunk POC interviewee Psyche Corporation! So that is also pretty exciting.