Want to get in touch with me? Awesome! Read this first:

Promotion: If you are a POC looking to highlight your project that presents a radically different and very POC-centric vision of steampunk, get in touch! Most of you are probably not, though, in which case, please take note: This may be a steampunk blog, but still: are you white? Does your project center white people, with POC on the side or part of the setting? Yes and/or yes? Then I'm not interested.

Book Reviews: I am currently avoiding works that are by and center white people. You can try your luck anyway and I might find the time to read it in between everything else, though. However, I do expect you to explain to me why you think this won't be a waste of my time. I know! I know! Authors work very hard on their books! How churlish of me to not care! Nonetheless, I'm not getting paid for this.

Interviews and Collaboration: I like these! Do you need a blurb from me about something? Sure. As long as you're not treating me as a multicultural token, yanno? Would you like me to work with you on some project that is totally relevant to mine? Let's talk! Uh, the chances of it happening are probably very low because I have very little brainspace, but what the hey, I would rather help you out at the beginning of a project than at the end.

Fan mail: Fan mail is strongly encouraged, especially if you are a non-white / person of color who needs some solidarity through the interwebz. You are also encouraged to email me for book recommendations if there is a topic on critical race theory, race relations and the like that struck your fancy.

Do we have an accord? If so, e-mail me at jhameia.goh(at)

If you don't really want to email me and would simply like to stalk follow me elsewhere, I am available on the following platforms:

Facebook: JaymeeGohWrites
Twitter: jhameia
Tumblr: jhameia (Ask box)
Dreamwidth: jhameia
Instagram: jhameiagoh

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