Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Steampunk Postcolonialist @ AnomalyCon!

This is a little late because I've been busy writing my dissertation and avoiding trying to wade through the program Excel sheet that is AnomalyCon's program grid. I'm doing it now because I am at ICFA and trying to avoid working on my dissertation for now. 

I'm generally pleased, though, to announce that I am an Author Spotlight at AnomalyCon 2016! Here is my schedule of things:




Language, Dialect and Code-Switching
Windstar A
Representing code-switching in fiction, but also how it relates to a miltilingual and diverse geek community.

Science Fiction and the Future of Childbirth
Mesa Verde C
Childbirth is often glossed over--even in Star Trek where they "beam" the kid out. But in futuristic worlds, what can reproduction look like, and beyond the cis-normative?

With All Due Respect: Multicultural Fashion
Mesa Verde B
Steampunk isn't just about Victorian England! Dive into costuming from every angle and discuss cultural respect without appropriation. 

How To Fail Gracefully
Windstar A
As you write, you're likely to mess up, or hurt someone without realizing it. How to take steps to learn gracefully instead of turning a mistake into a FAIL and grow from the experience.

Queer Identities After the Apocalypse
Wind River B
Trans healthcare and queer reproductive choices in post-apocalyptic worlds.


The Future of Racism
Mesa Verde C
The past's virulent racism against the Irish has now faded to language artifacts like "red-headed stepchild" and "paddy wagon." What traces will present-day racism leave behind, and what new forms of racism will emerge?

Colonialism of Fairytales
Wind River A
Many people only know of tales by Grimm and other Western authors, sometimes only the versions revamped by Disney. A discussion on colonialism in fairy tales and mention of those outside the "mainstream."

We Have Always Fought
Mesa Verde
The History of women in warfare, and how women have never been so demure as history would have you believe. 

Considering how many panels I'm on, I'll probably stagger to school the Monday after. But I hope you all come! You may not like what I have to say, but you should come anyway.