Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some #SEAsteampunk news!

So while I get back on track with my PhD adventures (which I will definitely post more about in a bit!) I had some news to share about The SEA Is Ours: Tales Of Steampunk Southeast Asia!

Firstly, we have a Facebook page, and a blog! That is where I've been posting most of the news. You'll also find me nattering about it on Twitter under the #SEsteampunk hashtag, of course. If you go Twitter-searching, or tweeting, use the hashtag, because when you search "the sea is ours" on Twitter you get some really strange results--mostly maritime border declarations, U.S. Navy merch, and folks taking selfies on the beach. 

Secondly, ARCs have gone out! If you are a reviewer and would like to review The SEA is Ours for your media site, please fire me an email! I will have you know that this anthology is built to appeal to all sorts of audiences. Except for racist white people who can't handle stories that are not about white people. (We don't have very many stories with white people in them.) 

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, you can pre-order The SEA Is Ours on Amazon now! 

Fourthly, the fundraiser will be in September! I'll post more details when I can. Save some money for us! And keep with us--Joyce and I recorded some goofy videos when I last went to Singapore to see her. You'll get to see and hear us in all our accented glory.