Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Interrupt Srs Blog Bzns to Bring You Fake Revolutionary Lulz

I have received word that Steampunk Emma Goldman has just declared war on the Emperor of the Red Fork Empire!

This will mean nothing to you if you know nothing about the U.S. Northeastern steampunk scene, but I have met Steampunk Emma Goldman on a couple of occasions, and I also find such revolutionary moves, fake or otherwise, delightsome. Being humourless and all, it's rare for me to indulge in RP hilarity, but I can get on board a state-smashing subplot or two. 

SMASH EMPIRE! SMASH IMPOSED HIERARCHIES! YAY THE PROLETARIAT! (I was gonna say "viva" but "yay" sounded more cheerful.)

(Also, check out Steampunk Emma Goldman's blog; she's got cool bios of radical activists from the 19th century. Plus, her lip makeup is nifty.)

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