Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Event of Interest: Anna Chen Presents "Traders" Feb 16

I had the honour of having British-Chinese comedienne Anne Chen drop in on this here little blawg to plug an upcoming event in Greenwich, UK! It's a Steampunk Opium Wars extravaganza, at the Greenwich National Maritime Museum, where there will be song and poetry about the Opium Wars, and folks playing historical figures from the time period will slug it out in poetry slams over the finer details of waging war to push drugs on an entire people to enslave them in a consumer market for trade benefits. 

An official-looking page can be found on the Royal Museums Greenwich site, and the major details are as follows:

Dates: Thursday 16 February
Times: 18.30—22.00
Fee: FREE - but make sure you book ahead of time!!
Location: National Maritime Museum; Sammy Ofer Wing
Audience: Adults; Young people
Event type: Performance & storytelling

So if you're in the vicinity of Greenwich, UK, I highly recommend you go check it out, and please make recordings if possible to share with the rest of us! :O

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