Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary to El Investigador!

El Investigador, a Spanish-language steampunk magazine, recently released its 12th issue! There's steampunk in French, and in Portuguese, and now steampunk is growing in Spanish-speaking communities! 

Given the ethnocentrism that can occur in steampunk (and a recent Facebook kerfuffle involving some "opinion" that invited a great deal of racist raa-raa-USA nonsense), #steampunkchat hosts, of which I am one, have decided to join forces with @VonMarmalade of El Investigador to bring you a Spanish-Anglo session of #steampunkchat on Friday, Feb 17th, 8pm Mexico City Time!

So come join us  for Festival Anglo-EspaƱol! And don't forget to check out El Investigador... they'll have a special surprise for us in a few days! 

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