Sunday, December 25, 2011

We Interrupt Very Srs Blog Bzns To Bring You Search Engine Lulz

So sometimes I get really bored and have time to kill, so I look up Google Analytics, and check out where people are linking to this lil' ol' blog from.

And then sometimes I check out the keywords that bring people here! They're usually really boring, like "silver goggles jaymee goh" or "silver goggles" or "silver goggles blog" or something equally similar.

But occasionally, I get some.... amusing ones. Let's have a look and see what keywords people on what looks to be very interesting Internet quests use to get to Silver Goggles:

"what is so special about december 12"
I'm not sure! I'm half-tempted to google this now and find out how it leads to here!

"why do we ask what if" "nightmare scenarios, by contrast"
Those are some very specific search terms, quester!

"books like peshawar lancers"
.... suck. That was an easy query!

"bible in victorian age"
I'm sure this must be a reference to the Steampunk Bible...

"british of why"
Why, indeed.

"can you explain why i can't say coloured"
Because it's a term historically used to be racist towards people who aren't white, particularly black people.

"can't say coloured"
Da-dadada, can't touch this! /MCHammer

"god-breaker plague"
I swear I was bothered by this term for like fifteen minutes trying to figure out whose book has this. Like, NK Jemisin? No. Cherie Priest? No. Tobias Buckell? No. No, it's Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate. Oh geez! I really am losing it these days.

"goggles i like to fuck hong kong girl"
Good for you, Giggles. I'm sure Goggles will be very happy for you.

"is better to pretend you're not a racist or openly engage in it?"
NEITHER! The point is to learn how to be NOT racist!

"not steampunk"
Was this quester looking for Regretsy?

"perdido street station rape"
Yes, well.

"shall we speak to ghosts"
If you bring the ouija board.

"steampunk is racist"
Yes, well.


"wolsung how do mooks work"
I won't lie, I am giggling the shit out of this search term. Oops.

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