Friday, November 11, 2011

More Links of Interest: Historical Tumblrs

Because apparently I live on Tumblr, I come across interesting historical bits that I doubt I would have found on other media. I get such things on a lesser degree on Twitter, but let's just say Tumblr is summat superior.

Now, I can't perfectly vet these Tumblrs, so I don't know how accurate they are or how good they are as representations. I do try to pick Tumblrs that are run by POC, and POCs who identify specifically with that history they are showcasing, but I can't always tell identity just by what they choose to reblog or feature. I also try to pick Tumblrs that have text-heavy posts, rather than just pictures. 

So anyway, linkage:

Fuck Yeah Africa - pretty self-explanatory title, dealing with as much of the African continent as it can muster, from all time periods. There are sometimes biographies, and picture posts of period art.

Fuck Yeah Black History - because the histories of the black diaspora cannot be contained within a single month.

I Am So Goth I Was Born Black - provin' the haters who think black people can't pull off goth and lolita fashion r rong. Also a fantastic aggregate of fashion shots centering black goths which one might not see as much anywhere else.

Fuck Yeah Asian/Pacific Islander History - Pretty self-explanatory title, too. APIA is, I feel, pretty specific to Asian-American history, which I don't really identify with since I didn't grow up with this (to me, the Pacific Islands are very different; the histories entwine here in America).

Fuck Yeah Mexico - A lot of this Tumblr is in Spanish, which I think is pretty awesome. I don't feel the need to understand every single thing that comes across my dash, and when you come from a multi-lingual environment, you eventually learn that it's okay to not understand everything, that it's okay to not get access to some aspects of culture. (This is why I get deeply aggravated at people who go all "well if you don't post in English how am I supposed to learn about you??" You don't have to know, to show respect.)

Fuck Yeah Latin American History - Yeah, you know that thing where people say "America" when they really mean "U.S.A."? Turns out the American continent, you know, comprises of more than the U.S.A. 

Fuck Yeah Dynastic China - I like the music posts in this one, which not only gives the transliteration of the title, but also the characters and the translation, plus cultural context of the piece. 

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