Monday, October 17, 2011

Back from SteamCon!

There is no con report yet because my brain is way too fried.

Highlights include Pablo of Aetherfest's near-mugging, a jellyfish family, music, and KW Jeter talking about leather and dog poop. 

There are a ton of pictures. And this report will also get cross-posted to too, so it don't make no nevermind to me where you read it first (I don't often check comments that-a-side, though). 

I'd like to thank everybody who made it out to my 9am program items. I know that's a pretty early hour to be talking about heavy issues in steampunk, and those of ya'll who came out for "fun" just to "check it out", I really appreciate it. Also, thanks Russ for the bottle of wine; it made for a great way to continue the Social Issues Roundtable after we ran out of time! 

If you liked the programming, feel free to contact the SteamCon programming committee to tell them to bring it back next year!

And if you just wanted to say hi on this blog now that we're all safely ensconced behind our computers, feel free to do so. I know some people find me kind of, um, intimidating in real life. 

Or, you know, say nice things about stuff that happened during the panel, or bad things, I don't care, just let me know you're out there.


  1. The Sunday panel seemed like it had a really interesting mix of people for a discussion. I just regret that I had to leave before we got to the heavy discussions of sexuality and race. Maybe in the future you should do discussions with a specific "_ism in SP" in mind? It seems like any one topic takes 2 hours easily!

  2. It was indeed! I'm always very surprised with the Roundtable, because we always get really neat people, and the conversation is always different. But you're right in that discussing these topics would take any 2 hours! When Ay-Leen and I first pitched it, it was just to create awareness of such discussion. And I do also think that it's about time to have specific panels in steampunk like this!

    Thanks for coming!

  3. Mikel / Vulcania Volunteer / Friend,

    Jaymee, You already know what I have to say. It was a genuine pleasure to see you again & know that if you're paneling - quality subject matter, stimulating conversation, seasoned with a health portion of controversy - are In da House!
    The one B I G disappointment for me is & was, I just couldn't get away from my obligations to join & participate in your Very special brand of unique panels.
    Yours was the first SP panel I had ever seen (at GEARcon 2011) & when it came time to do my own very First presentation, my nervousness was set adrift after being truly inspired by your courage to engage new & worthwhile subject matter. I can never thank you enough...

    If anyone reading This comment has never actually attended one of Jahmee's panels or presentations, I suggest that you make the well rewarded effort & take the journey beyond the fashion & frills of the latest cultural Phenomenon known as SteamPunk. - Mikel/Modeleer & Vulcania Volunteer