Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thanks, PDX!

There will be a con report forthcoming, but just to say, GearCon was quite fantastic, the chillest con I've been to thus far, even with the horrible hiccups at the beginning. Thanks to the folks who came to the wine and cheese Kevin Steil and I hosted, thanks to Kevin for letting me stay with him, thanks to Stephen for inviting me (and for not looking too annoyed when the first words out of my mouth upon seeing him for the first time were "so do I get a projector?") and thanks generally to Portland for being nifty despite being Whitelandia. I wasn't supposed to do any shopping but I totally did. Also, PDX, you have some very nice food! Thanks to my cousin Andrea for taking me around and thanks everybody else for making her first nerdy-ass con experience an excellent one! 

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