Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Signal Boosts: Vaporpunk and Mentions of Silver Goggles Elsewhere

So, Jeff Vandermeer, editor of Steampunk and Steampunk II: Reloaded, has been a huge supporter of blogs like Silver Goggles and Beyond Victoriana, and when working on the Steampunk Bible with S.J. Chambers, very kindly asked me and Ay-Leen for our input with regards to multicultural steampunk. He's also mentioned my work in response to the Stross-hates-steampunk debacle, and recently again when talking about steampunk literature at Omnivoracious.

In more exciting news, Beyond Victoriana is hosting newly-translated excerpts of Vaporpunk, a Brazilian anthology of steampunk, in cooperation with Tachyon Publications! Head on over to check it out! Or clickums to get the original Brazilian version!

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