Thursday, June 17, 2010


If anybody comes to my blog regularly through the actual Blogger site and not through RSS feeds, and you actually pay attention to the set of links on the left side-bar, you might notice that Cory Gross' Voyages Extraordinaires has been removed from the link list. This was a request from Cory himself, who wishes to distance himself from the steampunk blogosphere in general. 

Personally, I would rather not have to remove him from the blogroll, because as far as steampunk resources go for items of great interest related to actual history, the clunky giant tech aesthetic we so love in steam-industrial settings, and current artists who mix up old works into something new. However, he asked, so. 

So he gets an entire blog post in which I tell ya'll to go over to his space and bookmark it / add it to your feed, because it's really quite excellent as a resource of fun stuff.

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