Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome Awesome WisCon People

I am currently at WisCon, and I promised a bunch of people that I would post a sort of reading list for folks who want to read steampunk novels that have tackled the issues that I spoke about today at the Politics of Steampunk panel. So, this post is kind of a placeholder until I can get that reading list up. However, if folks don't mind being spoiled, feel free to go through the spoiler-tastic posts I have already written on various books. 

The panel at WisCon went excellently, and I sat with Nisi Shawl, Amal el-Mohtar, Liz Gorinsky, Piglet and Theodora Goss, and we had some really awesome comments from the audience. I love the fact that half the panellists were PoC, and a lot of people were really interested, although I was kind of out of my element because I was confused, well, different spheres of steampunk react to social issues differently.

Anybody interested in other non-social justice-related reading should also check out the links to the left, in particular Steampunk Scholar and Beyond Victoriana.

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  1. You rock! It's totally your fault though (you and Maurice) that I have this idea for a SP novel taking over my brain now. I'll be great to have some books to help me get a better grip for the genre. *hugs*