Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Comments Policy

As you may have noted, I am pretty lax with my diction and conversation. I generally do not have a comment policy, so there are only a few rules:

#1 Be clear on the terms of discussion. If I am discussing a specific, localized context, try not to compare it to a context that has little to no relation to it.

#2 Don't be a jerk. I will call you out on any jerkiness you display. Even if you use proper language and talk nicely, you can still do/say jerk things. And I will call you out on what you did/said.

#3 Don't get defensive if someone calls you out on your jerk behaviour/statement. If it ain't about you, don't make it about you.

#4 Moff's Law is in effect. I presume that here, you will be aware of all Internet traditions.

#5 Be awesome to yourself and your fellows. (I had to end this list on a positive note.)

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