Read These Before Engaging

Here is an incomplete list of my personal Must-Reads which I update every once in a while. There are much more thorough lists, of course, such as this Resource Post For All Good White People™, but if you're going to be posting here, you ought to have a passing acquaintance with at least half the links here.

Comments which demonstrate a distinct lack of having read the links I compiled here will be summarily ignored.

Rules of Engagement:
Moff's Law @ Racialicious
"Check My What?" On privilege and what we can do about it
A Deeper Look at "Minority Spaces"

101s on Race & Racism
Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (I find this article to be a bit dated, but it serves as a useful first step in understanding white privilege) (PDF)
Transcripts for Race: The Power of an Illusion
Episode 1: The Difference Between Us
Episode 2: The Story We Tell
Episode 3: The House We Live In
Detour Spotting For White Anti-Racists by Joan Olsson (pdf)
Ten Things Everybody Should Know About Race
Race Relations 101 - What if I Screw Up?How Not to Be An Asshole @ Feline Formal Shorts
How To Suppress Discussions of Racism by [info]coffeeandink

Cultural Appropriation
Why You Cannot "Appreciate" My Culture
What is Cultural Appropriation? by ardhra. A thoughtful post delineating the power dynamics of violence involved in appropriation.
Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation? A zine on culture, respect, allyship and racism (PDF)
On Reverse Cultural Appropriation (aka the "but you're wearing Western clothing!" argument)

Chimamanda Adichie's TED talk: The Danger of a Single Story. (video + interactive transcript)
Thoughts on Orientalism, Imperialism & Steampunking Asia by Ay-Leen the Peacemaker (This is the article that started it all! From her original post on MySpace, I contacted Ay-Leen, and we went from there to Silver Goggles and Beyond Victoriana and show no signs of stopping! Ph34r us!)
Things I Don't Have To Think About Today by John Scalzi. Let this white man lay out for you what privilege looks like from a white man's point of view.
How To Be A "Reverse-Racist": An Actual Step by Step List for Oppressing White People at Black Girl Dangerous

Linkspam - of particular interest: Victorientalism. And Round #2